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Building my own Android Tablet

It may not have made my official list of resolutions, but one of my smaller goals for 2013 is to be more frugal with my gadget purchases and to get the most out of the ones I already have. In other words: stop buying new crap and use the devices I own already. I was […]

Bedroom 2.0: My “Closet”

Last time, I told you I was beginning work on transforming my living quarters into someplace I could be proud of. The bedroom 2.0 Project is officially underway, and it started in what might be the strangest of places: my “closet.” I keep putting that word in quotations for a reason. You see, one of […]

Project: Bedroom 2.0

Lately I’ve grown increasingly unsatisfied with my bedroom. I don’t want to move or anything like that, but I’ve finally started to notice the rough edges of my room and its decor. I’m twenty-five years old, and yet parts of my room still look like they belong in a college dorm. Why am I still […]

Dreaming of an Ideal Workspace

Ever since I moved into my apartment last year, I’ve dreamed about turning an unused portion of my room into a workspace. However, since I’ll be moving out (and likely back home) in the next month or so, I’m guessing that’s not going to happen anytime soon. But at some point I would like to […]

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