Dreaming of an Ideal Workspace

Ever since I moved into my apartment last year, I’ve dreamed about turning an unused portion of my room into a workspace. However, since I’ll be moving out (and likely back home) in the next month or so, I’m guessing that’s not going to happen anytime soon.

But at some point I would like to design my own personal workspace. This idea all started with Lifehacker and their Featured Workspace posts. There’s a lot of interesting and clever ideas contained in that feed, and browsing through it fills me with so much inspiration. In particular, I enjoy seeing minimalist workspaces, invisible cords, and custom-built desks, such as this wall-mounted beauty.

I love the wall color too.

Oh, and a potted plant. A big one. Something that not only looks good, but doubles as an air purifier. Maybe I’ll be able to build this perfect workspace at the next place I live. I don’t need an entire room, just a wall in my bedroom near an outlet. I may even get my brother-in-law to help me build it, since he does wood-working as a hobby; plus I wouldn’t mind learning my way around a few power tools. And since I’ll probably be investing in a desktop computer now that I have my netbook, there’s no reason why I shouldn’t be able to set-up something similar. Maybe I’ll even have some dual-monitor goodness.

I guess I better apply to some more jobs if I hope to do this anytime soon.