Project: Bedroom 2.0

Lately I’ve grown increasingly unsatisfied with my bedroom.

I don’t want to move or anything like that, but I’ve finally started to notice the rough edges of my room and its decor. I’m twenty-five years old, and yet parts of my room still look like they belong in a college dorm. Why am I still hanging unframed movie posters on my wall, for instance? Or content to make the top of my dresser the home for all my unsorted mail? And why do I only have two storage bins under my bed when I have many and more things just lying around the edges of my quarters? Considering that I spend at least 90% of my home time in said room, it’s a wonder these things didn’t start bugging me sooner.

It’s about time the my room grew up with me.

So for the next few months, I’ll be transforming my bedroom into a living space I can be proud of. And I’ll be documenting it all on this blog. I figured it’d be a nice change of pace from all the gadget and tech talk I often subject you to, and maybe (just maybe) one of my readers can get inspired by my efforts.

I’ve already started the work in a few small ways, such as organizing my dresser (and making the top more presentable), wrangling the cords underneath my TV, and even getting some real art for my walls. I’ve got even bigger plans in store though, and tomorrow will be my first big project: upgrading my “closet”.