A Debt-Free Life for Me!!

Today I took the first big step to completely renovating my life in 2012, something I wrote about way back in September. If you recall, I said this year was “The Year I Get it Together,” which meant eliminating all my debt, nabbing that amazing job (whatever it may be), and finally start living on my own. I’m still a long way from many of those goals, but I can say one thing:

My credit card debt has been completely paid off!

I wish I could say it’s all thanks to some strict budgeting (although that played a big part), but to be honest it was my Tax Return that finally obliterated my outstanding debt. I even ended up with a little money left over to have some fun with! But what has me most excited is all the extra money I’ll have each month. I’ve been transferring $100-$200 dollars each month to my credit card, all the while worrying if I’d left myself enough money to survive until the next payday. No more!!

My next big financial projects are to (1) build my savings back up and (2) repay the personal debt I owe to my mom. Unfortunately, that debt is a bit larger than my credit debt ever was, but it also doesn’t accrue interest, which is nice.

Before I get started on those, however, I think it’s high time I joined the rest of the 21st Century. That’s right: I’m buying my first smartphone!!