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A Debt-Free Life for Me!!

Today I took the first big step to completely renovating my life in 2012, something I wrote about way back in September. If you recall, I said this year was “The Year I Get it Together,” which meant eliminating all my debt, nabbing that amazing job (whatever it may be), and finally start living on […]

Making Money, Spending Money

As I mentioned last time, I’ve started working again: I’m officially a substitute teacher for the local school district. I’ve only been registered for two weeks and I’ve already had three days of work, along with plenty of additional calls that I’ve turned down (for various reasons). That means come March 10th, I’ll have an […]


I had a good idea for an iPhone app the other day. I mean really good. It was so good, in fact, that I was ready to call off the job search and just wait for the iTunes Store profits to start rolling in. So long day job, dress shirts, and morning commute! Hello early […]

Hacking my Checkbook Register

I don’t know about anyone else, but absolutely hate balancing my checkbook. And because I don’t spend that much month-to-month, I’ll often wait months at a time before I finally reconcile my expenses. It’s constantly on my To Do List, but it’s the one thing I rarely ever get done. With this in mind, I’m […]

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