Fitness Report – 4 Months

So as I mentioned last time, I’ve been going to the gym regularly for a while; four months, to be precise. When I stopped working back in August (and subsequently fell into a lot more free time), I knew that one of the ways I wanted to fill said time was to join a local gym and finally get in “shape”. Part of that naturally meant shedding the 20 extra pounds I’ve been carrying around (the same twenty I worked so hard to lose a couple years ago). However, it also meant building the muscle I’ve desperately lacked my entire life. Moving heavy objects has never been a strong suit of mine, and I was determined to change this.

So after four months, how have things improved?

On the positive side, I’ve dropped 10 pounds and can visually see some muscle tone improvement in my arms and shoulders. I actually have some muscle bulges that don’t require flexing really hard to see!

On the less than positive side, my midsection is still a disaster and my left shoulder has been aching for the last week.

So with this in mind, I’m planning to shake up my workout regimen a bit. For the next couple weeks, I’m going to be focusing more on cardio and ridding myself of those ugly love-handles and less on muscle building. I’m hoping the latter will give my shoulder a chance to recover. There are still some muscle exercises I can do that don’t really strain my shoulders, but by and large I’ll be keeping it to a minimum. And I’ll try not to go too crazy with the cardio; I’m just sick of how terrible I look without a shirt on (and Summer will be here before you know it!).

On one final positive note though, all this weight loss means that I’ll need to buy better-fitting pants soon, and that’s never a bad thing!