Listening to the Muses

I had a huge flood of inspiration today!

I know that in the last couple week, my posts have been a tad infrequent. I had lots of blog ideas following my detox, which resulted in me making new posts almost every day. Somewhere along the way though, I lost some of my motivation. It can be difficult sometimes to find something new and interesting to write about every day, or even to express my ideas articulately. It also makes for a busy schedule when I’m going to both work and school 4 days a week.

The arrival of my Netflix disc didn’t help matters much either. Movie marathons can be giant timesinks.

Today, however, I resolved to start blogging regularly again. And that’s when it happened: one right after the other, ideas for new posts popped into my head. I came up with at least a dozen, and just so I wouldn’t forget, I wrote them all down. I can’t wait to share these ideas with you all, and I sincerely hope you enjoy reading them as well.

Addendum: It’s a shame that I didn’t get my act together soon enough so I could join this project. Maybe next year.