I’m getting a new iPod

As much as I love my green iPod Mini, I’ve known for a while that its days are numbered. From almost the beginning, the 4GB capacity wasn’t enough to fit my music library, let alone my growing podcast habit. More recently, the battery life has dwindled considerably, and it loses power even when not in use. In the past, I’ve considered modding my Mini with a new battery and expanded HDD capacity, but in the end it would likely be cheaper to simply buy a new player. So naturally, I’ve been waiting for an iPod refresh from Apple before I make any decisions.

Today was that day, and I believe I’ve found my next iPod.

I’m going to need to examine my finances before I buy this new iPod Touch, but I’d like to get one before Thanksgiving. Of course, I’d also like a Wii, so I’ll have to weigh my options a bit. In the meantime though, I’m totally in techno-lust mode.