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Oh! Hello, Birthday Blues!

I was wondering whether you’d show up to the party this year. Not sure if I’ve written about this before (oh look! I have!), but every year around my birthday I start to feel down. Much like January 1st inspires introspection and the creation of resolutions, my birthday is always a period of reflection. Unfortunately, […]

2012: The Year I Get It Together

New Years – and the resolutions that come with it – is still a couple months off, but I’ve already started thinking about the goals I’ll be setting for the coming year. For 2011, most of my focus was put towards (1) finding steady employment and (2) moving back to Sacramento. With both of these […]

Rez and the Forty Dollar Dilemma

A few games hold coveted status among the hardest of hardcore gamers. Rez, the Rhythm-Action-Shooter game from Sega, is one such title. Best summarized as a visual, audio, and tactile explosion in videogame form, Rez is a game so unlike anything else available on consoles that it inspired its own vibrator. Last July, I bought […]

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