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How I Became The Doctor

Many apologies for the delay. Halloween was two weeks ago, and I’m only now getting around to writing about it. When I first wrote about my plans to be The 11th Doctor for Halloween, my costume was well on its was to completion. In fact, it turned out that the only item I had left […]

Becoming The Doctor

Last January, I was unemployed, which meant that I spent much of my time sitting around watching Netflix. It was during this era of unemployed Netflix watching that I was introduced to The Doctor. If you read that last sentence and wondered “Who’s the Doctor?”, do yourself a favor: stop reading this blog, find Doctor […]

For Your Consideration

Ladies: Halloween is almost upon us. Have you picked out your costume yet? If you answered “Yes” and are going as Slave Leia, you can stop reading this blog right now. If you answered “No” or are not dressing up as Slave Leia this year, perhaps you should consider (or reconsider) making golden metal bikini […]

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