Becoming The Doctor

Last January, I was unemployed, which meant that I spent much of my time sitting around watching Netflix. It was during this era of unemployed Netflix watching that I was introduced to The Doctor. If you read that last sentence and wondered “Who’s the Doctor?”, do yourself a favor: stop reading this blog, find Doctor Who on Netflix, and don’t come back until you’ve watched all six season.

Have you done it yet? Ok, perfect! Moving on…

As my Facebook friends and Twitter followers can no doubt atest, I am pretty much obsessed with Doctor Who. I quote the show incessantly, I have dreams (literally) about travelling through time in a TARDIS, and I’ve decided that I’m going to marry Amelia Pond (I’m sure she’ll be okay with that). Besides all of this, though, I’ve spent months preparing for one day… a day that is now less than a month away.

That’s right: Halloween is fast approaching, and this year I’m going as The Doctor.

Which one? Matt Smith, of course!

When it comes to Halloween, I always prefer to assemble my costume from a bunch of individual pieces rather than buying something pre-packaged, and this year is no different. For starters, I’ve spent the last three months growing out my hair to achieve a look similar the the current Doctor’s coif. This past Friday, I went thrifting with my friend Katherine and found an amazing (and amazingly cheap) tweed jacket, which I thought was gonna be the hardest thing to locate. She also directed me to a website selling the perfect suspenders and bowtie combo, which I quickly ordered this morning. I was most excited, however, when my Sonic Screwdriver arrived this weekend. I ran around the house for a good 20 minutes, giggling like a little kid and sonicking everything in sight (e.g., doors, windows, even the cat!).

If I’m lucky, I should everything I’ll need by this weekend, which of course means one thing: pictures! I have a feeling that these pictures of my as the 11th Doctor will probably become my Facebook profile image forever.