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10 Years Later…

Y’know, I realized not too long ago that I’ve been maintaining this humble blog – in one form or another – for at least 10 years at this point. When I started, I was nothing but a wee high school student, barely getting my feet wet with HTML and hosting the first iteration of my […]

A Little Bit of House Keeping

I once heard an anecdote about Ernest Hemingway that said he never read anything he wrote after he was finished. Ostensibly, he did this because he knew he would inevitably find something about his work that could be improved. I’m certainly no Hemingway, but I think I understand his reasoning. You may notice that there […]

People Actually Read This Thing?!

Apparently they do. Not only do I have some people at work reading my (not so regular) ramblings, but also a few people in the dorm have managed to find it. Freaky! I better watch what I say and not delve to deep into my personal affairs. Who knows who could be reading at any […]

Words With Jeff

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This is the blog of Jeff Staple