I Think I’m Turning 29

Earlier this month, I officially entered the final year of my 20s. It seems like only yesterday that I was a newly-minted 20-year-old: excited that I was no longer a teenager but also terrified about going off to college and living on my own. It seemed like there were so many ways a could fail at being an adult. How would I do my laundry without turning everything pink and toddler-sized? How would I prepare food more complicated than Cup-o-Noodles? What if I got a messy roommate?!

Although I can’t say that I navigated the past nine years without a few shrunken clothes and lukewarm ramen cups, I like to think I have evolved into a well-rounded and responsible adult human male. I live on my own and I’m not struggling financially; I’m basically debt-free; my body and mind are healthy; and I finally have a job that I look forward to each day. Never content to rest on my laurels, I thought I should maybe use this time to reflect on my life and where I’d like it to head in the coming years. You might even call them… “Mid-Year Resolutions“.

Finally Start Writing Novels

I love that I’m getting back into the habit of blogging. Writing, as has often been said, is a muscle that needs to be exercised to improve. But as much as I enjoy blogging, my real ambition is novel writing. I think at last count I have at least 6 novel ideas, so really the only thing holding me back is my own procrastination.

Maybe one day this blog will be what I do between writing novels, not what I do instead of writing novels.

Build More Friendships in Sacramento

As I was trying to plan my big 29th Birthday celebration, I discovered that many of my close friends no longer live in the Sacramento area. Whether it was for school or work or simple wanderlust, the last four years have seen my friends scatter across the country in places like Chico, Monterey, Portland, New York, Chicago, and even Hawaii. And in that same time, I haven’t been actively working to build new friendships to make up for these losses. If I want to exit my 20s with a bang, I’m going to need more than just the small handful of friends I had this year.

Travel Overseas (Specifically to Japan)

Much like my writing aspirations, I’ve been contemplating a trip to Japan since I was a teenager. I suppose that’s not surprising given my predisposition to nerdy pop culture from Japan, but what is surprising is that in all these years I’ve never once ventured forth towards the land of the rising sun. So I have vowed that before 2017 is over I will have visited Japan. And I’m not planning to go for just a week. Oh no: I have almost three full weeks a vacation time saved up at work, and I intend to blow through most of it. I’ve already started my preparations, purchasing both a tour book and phrase book to get me started, and this weekend I’ll be researching how to obtain a passport. Even if I don’t make it by the time I’m thirty, I *will* have plane tickets.

Develop a Healthier Lifestyle

Slowly but surely over the last couple years, I’ve improved both my eating and activity habits. I eat more fruits and vegetables via smooties. I regularly prepare meals at home. I walk or bike to work practically everyday, and I take extra walks for exercise around Sacramento. Despite this, I’m still nowhere near my weight goal of 160lbs. I know that I still have some bad habits to break (like eating out and buying sugary coffee drinks) and many more that I’ve yet to form (like regularly going to the gym).

My 30s will be here before I know it.