A Quick Rant about Angry Birds

So at one point in time I was a very avid Angry Birds player. We’re talking the kind who plays each level to oblivion just to earn a 3 Star rating. But when my iPod Touch started showing signs of death – especially after it stopped syncing with iTunes – I stopped playing for fear of eventually losing all my hard-earned progress.

Thankfully, shortly afterwards the developer Rovio announced that they were working on a way to sync your progress across devices. This meant if I or anyone else wanted to switch from the iOS world to Android, we could continue playing Angry Birds as if nothing had changed.

But here we are, a year later, and there’s still no official way to transfer my hours of game progress. As much as I enjoyed my time decimating Vermilion porcine baddies, I’m not willing to invest all that effort again.

So come on, Rovio, I just got a new smartphone and I’d really love to play some Angry Birds on it. Make it happen soon!