Like Something Out of a Sci-Fi Movie

Have you seen Google’s “Project Glass”? Or as I like to call it: THE FUCKING FUTURE!!!

I could hardly believe what I was seeing as I watched the concept video for these “Google Glasses”. This is the kind of thing Science Fiction writers have been talking about for decades, and now we’ve reached a point where life can finally imitate art. In fact, I’ve been saying for several months now that this decade is going to be incredibly transformative to our lifestyles. We started to see the beginnings of it with iPhones, Roku Boxes, and other smart devices, but I think we’re reaching a point where all these ideas reach maturity (along with new ones) and completely overhaul our lifestyle. It’s been less than 5 years since the original iPhone came out, and now almost everyone has a smartphone. The same could very well hold true for wearable technology like these glasses or smart watches (Think: a more connected iPod Nano on your wrist).

I may look incredibly silly wearing them, but these Google Glasses are pretty incredible. It’s like wearing a piece of the future, and I for one welcome our new Augmented Reality overlords.

This lady looks so cool wearing her Terminator visor.