My Great Travel Shame

Lately it seems like all of my friends are out exploring the World. Gina just left on a trip to Paris. Blythe is currently teaching English in South Korea, and Hunter just came back from visiting her. Lisa spent six months studying abroad in Australia, and her new awesome Aussie friend Rachel is currently gallivanting around Europe.

And where am I? Sitting at home, trying my best to live vicariously through their adventures in places I’ve only read about or seen on TV.

My great shame as a young person is that I’ve never really traveled extensively, and not at all outside the continental United States. That means no Hawaii, no Europe, no Japan, no anything that involves crossing the American border or flying over large bodies of water. For a long time, this didn’t really bother me, but in the last year, I’ve been developing a bit of wanderlust. Especially when so many people I know are out exploring.

Right now, I unfortunately can’t make many plans – being unemployed tends to limit your travelling – but as soon as I do find work, I’m going to start setting money aside so I can finally explore this great big world myself. Here’s my current wishlist:

  • Japan
  • Ireland
  • Germany, Austria, and the Low Countries
  • Italy
  • New York

I’m sure you’ve probably noticed two conspicuous omissions: France and the UK. Although I know many people who dream of travelling there, these places have never held much interest for me. In fact, my only motivation to visit these places is (1) the Doctor Who museum in England, and (2) the women in France and Scotland. Yeah, you can see where my priorities are.