Springtime for Sac-Town

After many months of cloudy, cold, rainy, and generally miserable weather, Spring has finally arrived in Sacramento.

The last week has been host to some absolutely gorgeous days. Blue skies and moderate temperatures mingle to produce weather so nice that I can hardly stand to be inside. Needless to say, my cubicle-dwelling hours can be somewhat akin to torture at times. Today, however, was one of my many Furlough Fridays, so my girlfriend and I soaked up the sun and cool breezes by having a picnic lunch at a nearby park. If the weather keeps up tomorrow, I may just take a long walk along the American River, listening to music or one of my favorite podcasts.

The only downside to Spring is the wind. Sacramento has millions of trees – with Sacramento State University alone possessing several thousand – of untold varieties, earning it the nickname “City of Trees.” But for as pretty as this makes Sacramento, it’s not so great when the Spring allergy season arrives. I personally never had pollen allergies before moving here, but now a windy day (like yesterday) will send my head pounding. I’ve met other people who have had similar experiences after moving to the area.

But as miserable as I am sometimes, it’s weather like today that reminds me just how much I love living in the Central Valley.