Star Trek + Swing Dancing = Match Made in Heaven?

Tomorrow (or I guess technically today, at this hour) is gonna rock! I’ve started working half-days on Friday, which means I get to spend the afternoon having fun with friends. At least, that’s what the past two weeks have been like. Last week, my friend Katherine and I went shopping at IKEA to look for bedroom furniture for my new apartment. This was followed by our usual ritual of Swing dancing on Friday nights.

This week’s adventure should be equally amazing. As soon as I get off of work, Katherine and I are going to go see the new Star Trek movie since neither of us have seen it, much to the ire of our friends (one of them said he had to reevaluate our friendship because of it). I’m really looking forward to seeing the movie, and I’m not even close to trekkie-status. After that, we’re going to a local restaurant called Squeeze Inn that she’s been raving about, and of course the evening will be topped off with Swing at Midtown. What makes this week particularly exciting is that we’re both starting our journey into the land of Lindy Hop: an exciting and frightening world full of possibility. I’ve been wanting to learn for several months now, and with school out I can finally devote the time to it. The fact that I’ll be learning with my tailor-made follow is an excellent bonus.