Getting Serious about Fitness

An ongoing resolution of mine has been to finally get into shape. I’ve never been incredibly overweight, but I always had a little bit around my midsection that I wanted to shed. Besides that, I wanted to tone up my upper body. Sadly, since moving into the dorms of CSUS, I’ve gained approximately 20 lbs. It’s at a point where some shirts are feeling tight and pants just simply don’t fit anymore. So this summer I’m taking action to get back in shape!

For the last two weeks, I’ve begun a regimen of exercise to help with this goal. During my lunch hour at work, I go walking three-to-four times a week. In addition to this, I’m doing thirty stomach crunches and ten sit-ups a day, a number which will increase with my stamina. Living back home will also ensure that I eat healthier than I had been. All these factors have thus far contributed to a loss of 3 lbs, which has me very excited. I still have plans to further optimize my work outs.

I’ll report back at the end of the month with my progress. Wish me luck!