Off to the Apple Store

Tomorrow, that is.

After further review, I’m thinking I may want to buy the revamped 6G iPod (Classic) rather than the touch. The main reason is HDD space. Currently, I have 6.9 GB of music in my library, excluding another 0.5 GB of Podcasts (mostly Grammar Girl) plus whatever videos I decide to add. In case you weren’t keeping track, the iPod Touch’s 8GB of storage simply cannot handle my library; at least, not for long.

However, reviews of the 6G iPod have been mixed, with the main complaint being sluggishness. So with this in mind, I must test them out personally at the local Apple store. I’m going with Debit card in tow, because I may be forced to buy something if it’s particularly drool-worthy.

I’m also going with a small cavalcade of girls from my dorm, which is always a plus.