I’m a cited author!

I was so excited the other day, I could hardly contain myself.

I read this blog called The Average Idea, which is run by an aspiring author not unlike myself who I discovered on Lifehacker. Well, a couple weeks ago he posted about “throw-away writing,” pieces you write mostly for practice of the craft rather than for publication. He suggests writing whatever comes to mind and not worrying about whether or not it reads perfectly, as that will come with more practice. Having done something along these same lines earlier this month for my own novel, I posted a comment on the blog (which you can read below the actual post) telling him about this. Well, a few days later I was greeted to this, a post not only about what I had written him about, but citing me as well.

Maybe one day, I’ll write my own blog post about my writing methods, but for right now I think I’m content to bask in the glory of my citation.

Author’s Note: The website is no longer live.