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Livin’ La Vida Chromebook

As a writer, few things are more important to me than the tools of my craft. I’m a bit of a perfectionist, so I need my tools to work to their fullest potential if I’m going to be happy and productive. A pen that has trouble writing, for instance, will inevitably send me on an […]

I Heart My Netbook!

After months of researching and deliberating and another few days of waiting, it finally arrived on Friday: my very first netbook. I’ve been playing around with the device throughout the weekend – installing and configuring programs, acclimating myself to the smaller form factor – but today marks my first real world test. That’s right: I’m […]

Netbooks, iPads, and Long, Rambling Blogs about Both

The last few days have been incredibly busy, between writing papers, visiting my girlfriend in Tahoe, repairing a TV (of all things), and of course digesting every detail of the upcoming iPhone OS 4.0. If all that weren’t enough, yesterday I finally picked out and subsequently ordered my graduation gift: a shiny new netbook.

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