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The Best Kindle Ever

It’s no small secret that I love my Kindle Paperwhite. It’s pretty much the perfect device for reading books both large and small. I know many people like using their phones or tablets for reading, but I always found the apps and notifications on those devices too distracting when I wanted to read. A new […]

Building my own Android Tablet

It may not have made my official list of resolutions, but one of my smaller goals for 2013 is to be more frugal with my gadget purchases and to get the most out of the ones I already have. In other words: stop buying new crap and use the devices I own already. I was […]

A Tale of Two Kindles

To paraphrase the great actor, Justin Timberlake: “One Kindle isn’t cool. You know what’s cool? Two Kindles.” Yes, I am now the proud owner of not one, but two Kindles. A couple weeks ago, I finally received the Kindle I was talking about last month. Actually, that’s a lie. I did get a new Kindle, […]

Fixing the Kindle Fire

The Kindle Fire (or my enthusiasm for it) hardly needs any introduction on this blog. Even 9 months later, I find that I’m using Amazon’s mini tablet on a nigh daily basis. It’s far from perfect though, and with Google’s Nexus 7 making waves and rumors of a mini iPad starting to surface, Amazon is […]

Sorry Apple, I’ll be Keeping my Kindle Fire

As you know doubt heard (and it’d be hard not to), Apple released they’re latest iPad to the masses yesterday. Since I’m basically the gadget nerd at my office, I had several coworkers ask me in the last week whether I would be ditching my Kindle Fire for the Retina Display goodness of Apple’s tablet. […]

The Trouble with eBooks

As you already know, I’ve been loving my Kindle Fire, despite its flaws. It may not be the best general-purpose tablet, but when it comes to reading, there are few devices that best it. Its just so damn convenient to have dozens of books available for reading in a device the size of The Great […]

The Trouble With Tablets (And Reviewing Them)

As you’ve no doubt guessed, I’ve been spending copious hours with my brand new Kindle Fire since it was released last month. During this period, I’ve been gathering and organizing my thoughts about the device in the hopes of reviewing it. However, that turned out to be a much more difficult task than I originally […]

Steve Jobs

I’ve been spending the last week pretty much glued to my new Kindle Fire, which is to be expected. It’s shiny and new and therefore requires my attention for many hours of the day. However, I’ve been using it more for one activity than any other, which has been unexpected (though honestly it shouldn’t have […]

My World Is About To Be Set On Fire

It’s been a long six weeks, but my wait is almost over. Today I got an email from Amazon telling me that my Kindle Fire has officially shipped. It should arrive in the next day or two, and I can almost¬†guaranty¬†that by the weekend I’ll have an extensive, Scott Pilgrim-style review posted. In related news, […]

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