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Is There a Drinking Game of Thrones?

Outside of Twitter, I don’t think I’ve written about George RR Martin’s Game of Thrones series (also known as A Song of Ice and Fire by those who’ve read the books). It was almost a year ago that I cracked open the first tome – because the books in this series can only be described […]

Pi Day Lament

Today is March 14, or as geeks around the world know it: Pi Day. This incredibly nerdy holiday is typically celebrated by consuming large amounts of pie, be it cherry, apple, or even lemon meringue. And of course, the more pie one consumes on Pi Day, the better, although eating 3.14 pies is obviously the […]

The Epic Tea Saga

I learned two very important things yesterday, both of which were related to the making of hot tea. It is not every day that one acquires so much knowledge on such a subject. The first thing I learned is that I cannot make a cup of tea to save my life. Many of my friends […]

The Little Recipe That Could

I am a firm believer that men should be able to cook for themselves as well as there future significant. Although I am not particularly skilled in the kitchen myself, I do occasionally create something delicious. This is the story about one such dish. Last night I took over dinner duties at my mom’s house. […]

Who Loves Orange Soda?

Do you have a favorite kind of soda? Like cola or lemon-lime or Dr. What’s-his-name? I certainly do: I love orange soda. If you’re around my age, you might be familiar with another person who loved orange soda: the character of Kel, from the 90s sitcom Kenan and Kel. In the show, Kel would recite […]


In the last month, I’ve been working hard to expand my cooking repertoire beyond hamburgers and spaghetti. This has greatly amused both my roommate and my girlfriend, as I’ll often ask (or run to consult the interwebs) how to sauté meat or mince garlic. Jamie Oliver, I am not.

Making the Best of a Bad Situation

I’ve been feeling a bit under the weather for the last few days, and although this has meant being absent from work and school, I took advantage of this time for a few self-improvement projects. My primary initiative was getting back in the habit of cooking. After my traditional St. Patrick’s Day dinner, I haven’t […]

On Waffles

“I didn’t see it because of all the waffles. I was like, ‘There are so many waffles. Why are there so many waffles?’” – Talking to my roommate about our freezer. Update: I made this for Lisa, since she seems eternally amused by this quote.

Where Everybody Knows My Name

If the last year has taught me one thing, it’s that I absolutely love coffee shops. And surprisingly, it very little to do with the caffeine. As I briefly mentioned in my last post: I often like to frequent coffee shops when I’m blogging. There’s something about the change of scenery that just puts me […]

The Conspiracy Continues

It was bad enough to have the Girl Scouts against me during Lent, but now I have Ben & Jerry’s giving away free ice cream and Starbucks handing out free pastries on the same day?! Only two more weeks until Easter.

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