Love & NERF Guns

My apartment became a battlefield this weekend.

When my new roommate moved in a couple weeks ago, he brought the usual amenities with him: a bed, clothes, alcohol, a marimba, some kitchen paraphernalia, and even a couple posters for his bedroom wall. What I didn’t expect him to bring was a gun! So imagine my surprise one day when I come home from work and there it is lying casually on the dining room table: a fully-loaded, bright blue six-shooter. Maybe things are different in his home-state of Illinois, but around here we don’t leave our NERF guns unattended…

Joking aside though, my girlfriend and I became obsessed with the NERF gun as soon as we got our hands on it. We spent several evenings shooting at targets – including the cat – and each other when least expected. With only one gun though (which wasn’t even ours), we couldn’t really have a real battle though. So the two of us did the only logical thing: take a trip to the closest Target (appropriately) and purchase our own guns and ammo.

The cat has been utterly terrified ever since we got home.

I must say, the selection of NERF weaponry is pretty impressive. For under $20 each, we were able to buy a pretty nice gun and quite a bit of ammo, with tons of other options for expanding our arsenals in the future. It’s reaching the point where one day soon I’ll be able to recreate The Lobby Scene from The Matrix (a long-held dream of mine). I have no doubt that this will be possible in the next five years; NERF “technology” has come a long way since I was a kid.

Don’t tell my girlfriend, but I plan on enhancing my personal arsenal with this little beauty very soon…