The Best Pick-Up Line Ever

I’ve been single for just over a year at this point, and it’s not something I’m particularly happy about. Being single again means dealing with the whole dating scene, and dating (as opposed to being in a relationship) has never been one of my strong suits. I can’t say that it’s all bad though, as my single status did earn me a pretty awesome story the other night.

On Tuesday, my friend Aly (who you may remember as my former dance partner) and I drove to Novato for a night a dancing at the WnY Warehouse. Being from out of town, I met lots of new people that night, but one of them was a girl named Ariel. We actually talked and danced several times before I learned her name. When she finally told me though, my mind instantly went to my friend Ana.

You see, Ana has noticed a pattern in my dating history: namely, I have a tendency to date girls whose names correspond with Disney heroines. This all started a couple years ago when I briefly dated a girl named Meg, which you might recall was also the name of the female lead in Hercules (Ana still calls me Herc to this day). Meg was followed closely by Bianca (The Rescuers Down Under), Belle (Beauty and the Beast), and most recently Jasmine (Aladdin).

So when this girl told me her name was Ariel, I was too amused to keep this information to myself. I proceeded to relate Ana’s theory about my dating behavior to her, ending the story by saying:

“So according to Ana, we pretty much have to date because of your name!”

Apparently the story was far more amusing than I realized because Ariel nearly fell out of her seat from laughing so hard.

“That’s got to be the best pick-up line ever!” she said in between fits of laughter.

For as much as I hate dating, I guess this means I can’t be too terrible at it.