I Better Shine Up My Dancing Shoes

I’ve got a big day ahead of me tomorrow. Why? Because I’m a finalist in the Northern California Swing Dance Challenge in Petaluma, and I’m in it to win it!

I’ve been dancing West Coast Swing for probably nine months now, and although I don’t get nearly as much practice as some of my peers, I feel pretty good about my abilities. Tomorrow will be a true test of my skill though, as I’ll be competing in a Jack and Jill contest with about a dozen other leads at my same skill level.

Usually, I’d be realistic about my chances, telling myself that it doesn’t matter whether I win or not just as long as I do my best blah blah blah. Screw that! Tomorrow I’m going to dance my butt off in Petaluma ,and I’m coming back a winner come hell or high water. I’ll have my girlfriend there cheering me on as well. I’d say that’s a combo for success!!

And when I win, you can bet you’ll hear about it.