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On Being a Nerd

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in my mid-20s, it’s that you can be a nerd about anything. This one piece of knowledge would have revolutionized my life during those tumultuous teenage years. I spent my high school career as a lonely videogame nerd and Japanophile (or are we calling ourselves “weeaboos” now?), and although […]

People Actually Read This Thing?!

Apparently they do. Not only do I have some people at work reading my (not so regular) ramblings, but also a few people in the dorm have managed to find it. Freaky! I better watch what I say and not delve to deep into my personal affairs. Who knows who could be reading at any […]

Summer Rain

It rained today as I walked to work. I should have been irritated by this, since it made my walk much colder than I’m used to, but I’ve always had a love for summer rain.

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