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J-Pop + DRM-free = Happy Ninjeff

My love affair with the iTunes Store continues. As I mentioned last summer, iTunes contains a very nice selection of major Japanese music from artists like Utada Hikaru and Hamasaki Ayumi. But sometime in the last several months the store has expanded its selection of this music to include the likes of Morning Musume, Kumi […]

The Japanese Star Festival

Today was the official date of Tanabata, otherwise known as the Japanese Star Festival. Much like last year, I observed the occasion by tying a wish on some local bamboo shoots. Of course, it wasn’t written in Japanese like the picture to the right, but it wish was simple and inkeeping with the mythology behind […]

Good News for Utada Fans

It’s becoming much easier for Otaku and Japan Freaks (like myself) to get their fix (and it’s all thanks to digital distribution). In addition to the ability to buy Anime episodes from the iTunes Store (including the recently added Naruto, Bleach, and Death Note), Apple has recently started adding select Japanese artists to their store […]

Strange Japanese Video: Kokoro Scan

I wish I could give this video context. Believe me: I do. But all I can tell you is that this six minute mind trip is a promotional video for the Nintendo DS game, Kokoro [Heart] Scan. Don’t ask me what a bear playing guitar has anything to do with anything, but he’s there. I’d […]

Tanabata Dreamin’

Tanabata, or the Japanese Star Festival, in by far my favorite Japanese tradition. The day is celebrated in a variety of manner, but the highlight (for me) is the writing of wishes on strips of paper (or Tanzaku) and trying them to Bamboo trees so that they’ll come true. This year, I’ve sworn to observe […]

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