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Author: Jeff Staple

Zelda Goes Into the Wild

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild looks like everything I didn’t know I wanted in the series. True to their word, Nintendo really does seem to be rethinking all the gameplay tropes the Legend of Zelda series has built up over the past three decades. For instance, gone are the heart pieces that […]

The Next Legend of Zelda

The time has almost come. E3 – the premiere videogame trade show – is just days away, which means the curtain will soon be lifted on dozens of games. Some of them will be known quantities – The Last Guardian, Kingdom Hearts 3, maybe even a new Halo – and others will be total surprises. […]

Taking a Stand

A friend of mine recently shared a story about two African-American women who were verbally assaulted in a Seattle Starbucks. That alone would be bad enough, but as the story concluded, we learn that only one other patron showed the pair any support or sympathy afterwards. The story struck a cord with me, so it […]

Satoru Iwata with Mario & Luigi

Satoru Iwata (1959-2015)

Satoru Iwata, President and CEO of Nintendo, passed away this weekend. What can you say about someone whom you’ve never even met, and yet had so much impact on your life? When Mr. Iwata took over as President in 2002, I was just starting to play video games in earnest; so for roughly half my […]

Joaquin Phoenix from the Movie "Her"

Our Future as Cyborgs

My girlfriend and I have been talking a lot about “wearable technology” lately. Well, most of our conversations revolve around her grilling me about why someone would want a smartwatch or something like Google Glass. For example: “Why not just use your phone?” she might ask.

Image of Green Arrow

Green Arrow

On the eve of Marvel’s Daredevil series premiere, I wanted to spend some time talking about another superhero TV series that you really should be watching: Arrow. It’s probably one of the best shows on television right now, and yet it often feels like no one is paying attention to it. There’s always plenty of […]

On Being a Nerd

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in my mid-20s, it’s that you can be a nerd about anything. This one piece of knowledge would have revolutionized my life during those tumultuous teenage years. I spent my high school career as a lonely videogame nerd and Japanophile (or are we calling ourselves “weeaboos” now?), and although […]

Image of Pebble Time Steel Smartwatch

Technolust: Don’t Call It an Apple Watch

There’s been a lot of talk about watches this month thanks to Apple. After mounds of speculation, we finally know the prices for their wrist worn iPhone accessory: starting at $349 for the “Sport” model and going well over $10,000 for the rose or yellow gold “Edition” model, depending on the size and the watch band […]

A New Chapter

March 9th, 2015 marked a momentous occasion in my young adult life. After many years of searching and interviewing and protesting perhaps a bit too much, I’m happy to report that all my effort finally paid off and I’ve officially started a new job. Although I must say, it’s not really accurate to call this […]

These Aren’t Resolutions

So… It’s already March. In case you didn’t notice, I did not post my new year resolutions for 2015 back in January, as is my habit. Not that it matters: as I so masterfully demonstrated in 2014, I’m not always the best at keeping said resolutions. Which is why I’m not making any new resolutions […]

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